About Us

Finding happiness in something as simple as a birthday party.

Birthday Blessing is an all-volunteer Christian outreach ministry that organizes birthday parties for children in need with the hope of making them feel loved and important on their special day. Most children take for granted that they will have a party on their birthday, but the truth is there are many children right here in our community that will not get to have a party to celebrate their birthday. Birthday Blessing partners with local churches and organizations to connect with these needy families in order to bring the love and hope of Jesus to children in unfortunate circumstances. We throw a birthday party once a month for these children and their friends and family, but we are the ones that are truly blessed.

Mother Teresa once shared that: “Homelessness is not only for a house made of brick. Homelessness is being that people are completely forgotten, rejected, left alone, as if they are nobody to nobody.” Many times our initial reaction to helping people is limited to providing the basics (throwing in a few dollars into a guitar case or a cup, donating clothes or food, etc.). The moments which really leave a lasting impact though, both in our own lives and in those we serve, occur when we allow the person into our heart and ensure that they feel recognized, listened to, and completely beloved.

Imagine the impact of Birthday Blessing then!! The parties are a perfect outward expression of this meaningful reaching out to people where they experience themselves as unique and cherished. How fitting that such a gift is given to them on their birthday- the utmost reminder that they were born with a meaningful, loving plan.

We are asked to put our love for Jesus into living action. “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). This means, it’s a matter of doing it with Jesus through prayer, sharing our gifts and talents for Jesus, and doing it to Jesus in the people we serve.

Birthday Blessing is demonstrating how happiness can be found in something as simple as a birthday party. It is showing the transforming joy of innocence. And it is showing the renewing life of Christ that brings us into a deeper relationship with others.